Take Pride in Your Mattress

Experience the ultimate in hybrid mattresses with the Prestige by The Bed Boss—everything a hybrid mattress should be and more. With hand-tufting for superior durability and layer upon layer of cooling comfort and lasting support, your mattress will have the respect of even your family and friends. Indulge in the Prestige, a mattress that will earn your admiration tonight and hold it for years to come. 

  • Product Info

    0.75-inch gel infused higher density memory foam

    1-inch high-density visco elastic rebound memory foam

    0.75-inch super soft quilt foam

    0.75-inch natural Dunlop latex

    2-inch comfort and support foam

    0.5-inch heat-treated support foam

    7.75-inch 5 zone pocketed coil sleep system with HD foam encasement

    1.5-inch higher resilincy base foam

  • 10 year, 3650 night Warranty

    We stand behind (and sleep on) our products, and we will do everything we can to resolve issues quickly should they arise. Every mattress comes with a 10 year prorated limited warranty against manufactured defects. It's rare, but it can happen. The Bed Boss warranty covers manufactured defects such decompression problems, sagging (greater than 1.0 inch), or foam defects.

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